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Random Madness Projects was put here by me so I can try to keep track of the projects that I am running and give you more of an insight into what I am doing with my spare time.

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Stage 2 of building a Bokken involved realising that Bokken are built a certain way for a reason. They are not built using an axe to shape a piece of wood.

I have now started to remake a Bokken using the actual build a Bokken instructions.

Instructions can be found here.

Firstly I had to fell an old tree from my friends garden. When I say fell an old tree I do not mean a 400 year old Oak or something.

I felled an Elder which was standing deadwood. So it didn’t need to season after I have cut it.

Then I had to plank the trunk. Planking is quite easy but only once you know what you are doing and only if you have the appropriate tools

I put my trunk through the rip saw and ended up with the planks I needed.

After reading the Bokken instructions, my planks were cut to be the appropriate size. 1 inch x 1 1/2 inches x 49 inches.

Today I put my wood into clamps and by tomorrow I will have the wood glued and bent to the appropriate shape and size

Working on the principle that I can have the planing and routing done tomorrow I will have an almost complete Bokken by tomorrow night

Leaving the wood in clamps overnight seemed to ensure that it was glued properly. Once reomved from the clamps I was left with this.

Using a sharp router cutter I was able to shape the edges of the Bokken. This was to give both a nice shape for the grip and also for the blade front and back

Routing the back edge of the blade was done using a 45 degree router cutter. Be careful to only use this cutter on the back of the blade and not the grip

Rough cut the tip of the Bokken and then shape using a method that suits you. The tip of my bokken was done with a combination of router, hand saw, Belt sander and sandpaper.

Sand the entire Bokken, removing any rough edges or lumps. Then Varnish to desired effect

A finished Bokken, it is nicely weighted, turns and cuts very well. All in all a nice training sword.

I’ve been trying to find a sensible way of making a bokken for a while now and happened upon some wood that had been felled from my friends garden last week.

I’ve stripped the bark and will shape the majority of the bokken using an axe, then finish the shaping with a knife and sandpaper. We shall see what happens.

I know that this isn’t really the way that you make a Bokken. Most bokken seem to be made by glueing and shaping wood over some assending pegs but I like using an axe, especially if it has a purpose.

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