Your Right to Privacy is at risk, use it before it's too late!

If you feel the need to contact me then please do. I am always happy to receive mail about all types of subjects (preferably something I have some interest in:-).
I have provided below my Public PGP key which you can use to encrypt a message that only I can read. To be honest, if you know what PGP is then I really have no need to explain it. If you don't know what PGP is then have a look at the links below.

Computer Repairs - Pylle, Evercreech, Shepton Mallet
Sam Robinson - 07815 995375
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Alternatively use my Contact form PGP Key: -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.2 (MingW32) mQGiBEPlFG0RBAD0lkR7GqxR0dFUnvdSDpfYM8JZ8C46qu7i0D0lG/napqzzEonE y8exVn0KewfNv81VJoU4H4eVAYc4WhzEc2PJdKnqDRQ53BNUDuWlmJsP83tLPKSi idBTFbEaG9pqXnnRinD7XEKzwl4TK0EuDmTe9jAbwn5sZbQKA1F8AIxV4wCgsPFy a83BLRkvIN7aHHg5fnTpvP0D/39sxfNYVn/Dy6DDASnOKB/5SCywFA/IoaAt1qGi KlZQqu/3gPh4P5Y1BmD0nv815host4ZQfn9m20vTxRRvUqMp4RD3LZ4PsceIYkWd uGatK/3l5a2cdU+dleVENc35J3gTzb2RlYv0pCBU+DRhZM/anllHkLSDxa0IB2Pj AJj4BADZYmVhU03wZbIcdi+uL2ffyL3rRX/MTaW8V1DKuwRYUWT1LYpaWl3JgPRB 2adn9jqVN6hDVvVmw/U6xfrR+qgO8xZ5omyz2Hpql9+YVOie6Q8poViHUU6mgzgM gcUP3LBnEha9kuRKEK9rpdtDQXueFqFP27RuCmdwr0FQZcf4O7QnU2FtIFJvYmlu c29uIDx0ZWNoQHJhbmRvbW1hZG5lc3MuY28udWs+iF0EExECAB0FAkPlFG0GCwkI BwMCBBUCCAMEFgIDAQIeAQIXgAAKCRBmk6pFqVS8ZQ5+AKCml0rMcjAXY4U9RMhR hsfXezoDKQCfaVu/h4dF1TSqxWjIqy4TKHODFkG5Ag0EQ+UUlRAIAP1jAjLXmTwn jzqLNLByeBJa241i3UHIRmaQIqDdFdCmxjBN1nmk0DBl3iZH7+/1yvuBfeaUaHVa oOitCuJJNUIqTFulylOvRZIYfdgGQnm+FwOe3xxIC0Uhj6Y3tsmD+XobBwfo0Yrg B9Cz6tNwIOmB1X6bhrJrLdHnhXh43cKbiwbv8Cnk5iNJjuPFQaodnHKkEh3LOsHj cldMRLe5F/T3i6FGg7ErLyAAXTpa6js/VMmzRjnwsLlE2gJnrQeFg0NYf3Cls5ze 1/KT7tGeWxqpvBs72+nJqsccAb3/vVuPxRTLFULDmEJxYo5gBxmChpJkxcmi9u0y Yp9yUFYulPsAAwUH/2W9KtTaPsYszxxWtkYObYJ+7n6gY6wGioYRuPZEEmBsjDBj JZcY10K9vUxi6DwzJpgssmgmkT095uldB04ycSb9fg82ebx9dQjtWQRUSzn7I7AI /5DiqTi9pKMVDNnrL7X1zROOM3ZrW1nZkPH5YsvP1gA6luv6951rWwGZQavqt8mJ STl8VZjyKtv5o9+wDSgJrarTfiYMyqt2Ymu30nD5pUXNmopuzwZIBKpJuwC0I5AC 9o89AfBC2CjMRhgmopb31Sdjyu1OT7E6o0dt1yk4vlkJVJ+kB4O5lHBAPW7cbkck MhQugDzl6q6negNQugyr6I6u7mrXEcZLu2EMEjqIRgQYEQIABgUCQ+UUlQAKCRBm k6pFqVS8ZekeAJ9pGj+GAxK3FwAOpsELia0N/hx4nwCcDYTNP20lvhw6Tc8MHzqG A9bBmoo= =kNYN -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- A little about PGP: PGP can be set up in a variety of ways. If you are using a linux or unix box you probably know what to do or have already looked it up and are in the process of compiling something at the moment. It's not that I think Windows users will have failed to look it up, it's just that unix and linux users tend to be more determined. If your a windows user I would suggest looking at As an email client I would suggest using Mozilla Thunderbird (due to its open source design, power of spamfilters and integration with hundreds of plugins, such as Enigmail (the plugin you would be using to set up PGP within Thunderbird). If you are a Mac user then osx appears to be a jazzed up linux distribution. Check out and use the appropriate version of Thunderbird and Enigmail. Email in itself is insecure, using plain text passwords and unencrypted connections. If someone compromises your network then they can compromise your email security, but if you mail is encrypted with PGP they will not be able to read your messages. I'm not saying you have to use it, but if everybody did then we would all be able to object when the government try to take our right to email privacy away. The more the merrier! . Contact Form

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